Monday, April 24, 2017

Meeting up with David Masse Life on 2 Wheels moto/vlogger

(Photo credit David Masse - pilfered it from his blog)
Blogging is an interesting thing, its almost like putting a note in a bottle and tossing it into the digital ocean and not knowing if anyone will ever read or respond to it.  For Most of us, when we first start blogging you kind of feel alone in the digital universe and then you start following other like-minded blogs.  After several years of following, reading and commenting, you start to feel a kinship with your fellow bloggers. It is funny how the internet draws you into creating friendships with people you have never physically met, its almost like having an electronic pen pal.
(Photo credit David Mass)

I have been following David Masse's blog since I started riding and blogging in 2011.  David rides a beautiful Vespa and shares a Honda Shadow with another blogger Sonja.  David's original blog was the Scoot Commute, a Montreal based lawyer scooting his way to and from work and epic scooter travel adventures.  David is a very adventurous blogger and has recently started a great video blog.  Check out his current blog here.  Life on Two Wheels 

I have been fortunate to link up with a few of the bloggers that I follow and in each case, it has been the first time we have met and it feels like we have known each other for years.  This has at times left my family a little worried, because I am off meeting someone who I really don't know and I caution my daughter not to do this, and of course it is a case of "Do as I say, Not as I do" and she has called me on that and I am still hearing about it. 
(Photo credit David Masse)

About a week before Easter I received and email from David that he, his wife, son and daughter-in-law would be in Victoria for the long weekend and would be delighted if we could meet for coffee.  I was so excited and it was such a pleasure to meet David, Susan, Andrew and Anoushka.  We had a lovely time at coffee and then met them for a lovely dinner at a local eatery, my daughter tagged along which was a bonus. 

PS: David hope you don't mind, but I pinched a few pictures off your blog, its hard finding a picture of you on your scooter and bike, like most bloggers we usually just take pics of our scoots on our adventures. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Springtime means demo time!

The one sure way to know it's spring is the motorcycle dealers are running demo days in an effort of enticing you to part with your cash for their newest motorcycle offerings.  Saturday was a mixed bag of sun and clouds and warmer temperatures in Victoria. So it was up out of bed early, grab a quick cup of coffee which wasn't nearly enough, and we were on our way to check out Honda's newest offerings in hopes one would follow hubby home.  We looked at everything and hubby tried two, the NC750X manual and NC750 DCT. I suggested he try the Africa Twin and VFR1200, and he wasn't interested. I was tempted to take out the F6B, which is a scaled down Goldwing without the top trunk and then after sitting on the behemoth I decided against it due to how heavy it was.  I was also on a mission for my riding school to put the Rebel 300 through its paces, as we are looking at it as an addition to our traffic fleet.

Hubby was 'meh' on both NC's, although he did find the DCT automatic intriguing, but not enough to purchase it.  He found the manual NC a capable plain bike.  It has a reputation being compared to 'oatmeal' pokey, slow, and very low revving, the bike was designed as a commuting bike and its presence in the market has more of a solid footing in Europe due to its good gas mileage and front trunk which sits where the gas tank normally would.  He did like it, but it is not hitting any chords in his heart, so I guess it means more test drives.

I rode the Rebel 300, my impression is that it is a vast improvement over the previous Rebel 250's, which were chunky small beginner bikes.  My last experience with the 250 was a bone rattling ride which is as slow as a bowl of watery oatmeal, but it was a good entry level bike for those looking to get something light and flickable.  The Rebel 300 has more pep and is a little more agile, and doesn't shake your bones apart and has a cleaner design. It was a little sluggish for the highway and you have to quickly shift.  For our purposes it will be a good traffic bike for novice students. I was also talking to a former student who is on the petite side and she purchased the CB300F last year and liked it, but felt it was still too tall, even with lowering links.  She sat on the Rebel 300 and it was a perfect fit, so for petite riders there are two offerings the 300 and 500, which I believe share the same frame specs. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Farkle Garage Episode 8 New look, New Garage, New Stories!

Pull up a chair and join us in the garage for 30 minutes of motorcycle TV! The gang is hanging out at Bucky's Taphouse talking bike with other riders, and the Farkle Garage Band is rocking out. What does music and motorcycling have in common - therapy! Check out a Steve's  human farkle, and the muffpot brings a whole new meaning to the idea of take-out, Clive really brings to life the term Ride to Eat! Producer Ray takes us on a ride Adventure style!

Farkle Garage Episode 8

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fitbit friend or foe

About a month ago I made some positive changes in my life, I started to exercise and changed my eating habits.  I have been far too sedentary and it is just the nature of my desk job, winter blahs and other health issues which have limited my activity level.  I started working out on an eliptical and a treadmill, which after 30 days has lead to a 10lb weight loss and overall better health and fitness.

The twist of this story is the fitbit, it was a motivator in the beginning, but it quickly spiralled into something more, the fitness frenemy.

So lets talk about this beast of technology. I have a very competitive side and I am an 'all in or all out', 'go big or go home' kind of gal, you get the idea. I am driven and most of you who have followed my adventures probably know this about me. This little piece of wearable tech inspired me in the beginning and was keeping me on track, unfortunately though it has also triggered my driving personality tendencies.  This is not good when you were essentially a couch potato and then overnight become a treadmill marathoner, it equates to a very bad space for body wellness.

At first I was listening to my body, I started slow, and took it all at a decent pace. I was getting into the groove, getting that endorphin rush I remember from when I was an avid runner.  My endurance increased and 'boom' I was running longer times and longer distances. But then I started competing in fitbit challenges to get a 'virtual badge'.  This is where it goes wrong,  I started pushing myself to wrack up the steps on the fitbit and the number of active minutes.  Its like a drug, you see the numbers clicking up, you get obsessed, and before you know it you are outrunning everything that is sensible and not listening to the subtle and not so subtle messages the body is sending, like a searing pain in the heel.

This leads me to where I am today - I hate to even admit this, but here I sit on my couch with ice on a painful heel which is plantar fasciitis triggered by overuse.  Yes overtraining was a stupid thing to do, and yes I blame myself, but I also put some of this on the obsession building wearable fitness technology which is the fitness crackberry of pedometers.

At this point I am forced to rest or I risk damaging the ligament in my foot.  I have also made the decision after hobbling along, that the fitbit is not my master. Although these pedometers may have a place in fitness when used with a grain of salt, the darker side of it is that it can become an obsession and trigger unhealthy tendencies. There are healthier ways to get fit, but I ignored the common sense approach that I started out with.

I have done a little bit of research on the wearable fitness tech and believe it or not, it is becoming increasingly more common that users are succumbing to the obsessive/addictive aspect of it. Tech is a sneaky thing, it insidiously works its way deep into your life in multiple layers and ways, sometimes I don't think we give it the thought and care we should.

Don't get me wrong I am not going to stop on my quest for a healthier me, but I am taking it down several notches and slowing down, being more mindful of what my half century old body is telling me and it is not fitness at all costs because that means injuring myself. I'm in it for the long haul and the fitbit is going in the drawer and this is going to be a journey of non-counted steps at a reasonable healthy pace.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Blogger is driving me crazy!

You may have noticed a lack of posts, its because every time I write a blog post, blogger shuts down and its annoying.   I am seriously thinking of moving the blog, but not sure how to do it - techulexic me.

Any suggestions?

Thursday, January 5, 2017